Sponsor a new ERC-20 based sponsored asset

Define a new sponsored CAPE asset tied to an existing ERC-20 token

If you want to add viewing or freezing policies to your asset, you will need a CAPE viewing key and/or freezing key. If you haven’t created these yet, you can find the instructions here.

Step 1: To create, or 'sponsor', an ERC-20 based asset, click “New CAPE Asset” in the left menu. Enter in the ERC-20 contract address, desired asset token symbol, asset description (optional) and upload an icon (optional).

These are the token contract addresses for the test ERC-20 tokens that we used before:

WETH: 0x4F1D9E040cf28A522ec79951cDb7B55c8aE4744E

DAI: 0xBeec50ed16E3559afCD582cC98ed2b5F5DcA189E

USDC: 0x9A4f4Ee35a8FfEE459B3187A372d422790fc8aAB

Follow the instructions here to acquire some test tokens.

Step 2: Select “enable viewing of transaction amounts” or “enable viewing of transaction addresses” if you want to enable viewing of amounts and addresses for the asset you have sponsored.

You should generate a view key in the “Account” page and include the view key in the “Asset View Key” section. Similarly, if you want to be able to freeze asset records of this type, you should generate a freezing key.

Step 2a: Generate viewing and freezing keys in the Account page.

Step 2b: Configure the viewing and freezing policies.

Step 3: Click on “Create New CAPE” asset to create the new asset type.

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