Some important notes

Please read before proceeding!

In December 2022, CAPE was migrated from the Goerli testnet to the Arbitrum Goerli testnet. Users who previously used CAPE on Goerli will need to update to the latest version of CAPE and set up a wallet on Arbitrum Goerli.

There are a few things to bear in mind as you start using CAPE:

  1. As of right now, CAPE is a demo product. It is deployed on Arbitrum Goerli testnet and is not yet meant to be used in production. Note that in some places we refer to Ethereum and Ethereum tools. Please in all cases use the equivalent Arbitrum tool (e.g. Etherscan > Arbiscan).

  2. We welcome any and all feedback, bugs, and issues you might find. You can share these with us in Canny (for bug reporting) or on Discord.

  3. CAPE will be upgraded at regular intervals. When CAPE gets updated, the contracts will be redeployed and the existing state will not persist. This means that if you are building a project within CAPE, when it gets upgraded you will lose all of your work. We do not recommend using this version of the product for long-term projects.

  4. You will notice longer than expected wait times for certain interactions and transactions to confirm. This is because we are waiting for 6 confirmations from Goerli since the application does not handle blockchain reorgs. Please be patient with the system and let it finish instead of refreshing or hitting the back button!

  5. There is currently no token associated with Espresso or CAPE. There is a placeholder fee asset record called $CAPE that is a component of the system. This is not a real token and is for testnet purposes only. Please beware of scams claiming to be selling or distributing any token associated with Espresso or CAPE.

  6. The zero-knowledge proofs that CAPE uses to achieve privacy require extensive computations for which the browser is not suitable. Therefore, the CAPE wallet currently needs to be run in a Docker container.

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