Creating a new domestic CAPE asset

Create and mint the initial supply of a new domestic CAPE asset

If you wish to add any freezing or viewing policies to your asset, you will need a CAPE viewing key and/or a CAPE freezing key. If you haven’t created these yet, you can find the instructions here.

Step 1: Select ‘New CAPE Asset’ from the left menu. Under ‘Asset type,’ select ‘A new domestic CAPE asset’. Then, enter the name for your token in the ‘Asset token symbol’ field. Optionally, you can also add a description to your asset in the ‘Asset description field. Next, enter how many tokens you would like to create in the ‘Amount’ field. You can always create more tokens later on.

When you mint a domestic CAPE asset, the minted token amount is public, i.e., an asset creator cannot mint an unlimited amount of tokens in private.

Finally, you can upload an icon for your token.

Step 2:

You can choose to enable viewing of transaction amounts and transaction addresses, as well as enabling freezing of transactions for this asset type in the "Asset View Key" and "Asset Freezing Key" sections. Click on ‘Create new CAPE asset’ to create a new CAPE domestic asset.

The CAPE GUI asset library contains several default CAPE asset types, such as capedWETH. However, creating new asset types does not automatically add them to a centralized asset library. Other users who wish to interact with a new asset type will need to import the asset metadata, just as ERC-20 tokens must be imported into MetaMask. See Managing assets in the asset library for more details.

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