Creating a new wallet

Step 1:

Click on 'Set up a new CAPE Wallet' to begin the process of setting up your wallet:

Step 2:

Set up your recovery phrase. The recovery phrase (also known as a seed phrase) will allow you to access your account in case you lose it. Anyone who knows this phrase will have full access to your assets, so store it safely! Clicking on 'Reveal Keys' will show you your recovery phrase:

Step 3:

Write down your personal recovery phrase and make sure to not lose them! When you’ve finished writing them down click on 'Continue':

Step 4:

Now enter the words from your recovery phrase in the same order to confirm you have correctly written down the recovery phrase. Then click on 'Continue':

Step 5:

Set a password to secure your keystore file. This encrypts your private keys so people who access your computer can’t access your wallet. After you have entered your password click on ‘Continue’:

Step 6:

Enter a name for your keystore file so you can find it and differentiate it from other keystore files. Then click on ‘Continue’:

Step 7:

Now click on ‘Create wallet’ to generate your keystore file. This may take a minute or two. After the page finishes loading, click on ‘Continue’.

Step 8:

To use CAPE, you will need to have some testnet $CAPE to "pay" for transaction "fees". Once your wallet is set up, you will be able to return to the $CAPE Faucet at any time for additional, zero-value $CAPE. There is no actual monetary fee to use the testnet.

Please note that $CAPE is a placeholder and is for testnet purposes only. There is currently no mainnet token associated with CAPE or Espresso Systems, nor any purchase needed to use the testnet.

Beware of scams!

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