Create test ERC-20 tokens

For demonstration purposes, we have created FAKE versions of WETH, DAI, and USDC on Arbitrum Goerli for you to test and experiment with. These are fake test assets and are not actually related to Ethereum, MakerDAO/DAI, or USDC.

You can send ETH/AGOR to the following contracts on Arbitrum Goerli to mint the respective tokens.

When bridging ETH from Goerli to Arbitrum Goerli, you may have switched to the Goerli test network in MetaMask. Make sure to switch back to Arbitrum Goerli in MetaMask!

Contract addresses:

  • WETH: 0x4F1D9E040cf28A522ec79951cDb7B55c8aE4744E

  • DAI: 0xBeec50ed16E3559afCD582cC98ed2b5F5DcA189E

  • USDC: 0x9A4f4Ee35a8FfEE459B3187A372d422790fc8aAB

First import these assets into MetaMask. When you open MetaMask, you should see a prompt to import tokens in the asset tab:

Enter the token addresses above, one by one, and MetaMask should auto-populate with the token details.

Below is an example screenshot for minting WETH:

Once you have some test WETH/DAI/USDC on the Arbitrum Goerli network in your MetaMask wallet, you'll be able to wrap them into CAPE assets.

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