Managing keys in the CAPE app

The CAPE application distinguishes between addresses (used for sending and receiving CAPE assets), viewing keys, and freezing keys.

Step 1:

The 'Addresses' tab in the Account page allows you to manage and generate new addresses, used for sending and receiving CAPE assets. Click on ‘Generate new address’ to create additional addresses. New addresses and their associated keys are automatically managed in your keystore, and can be recovered with your recovery phrase only.

Note: While CAPE transactions keep sender/receiver addresses hidden to the public, there are a few reasons why one may want to generate a new CAPE address: separation of concerns (e.g.: one address for Business A and one address for Business B); you do not want to share the same address with two different people; etc.

Step 2:

Next up are the viewing keys. These are used by asset creators to view transaction details of transactions involving their asset type (depending on the viewing policy set during asset creation). Click on ‘Generate new viewing key’ to create your own viewing key which you can use during asset creation.

Step 3:

The final type of key are freezing keys. These allow their holders to freeze asset records if a freezing policy is enabled for the associated asset type. Click on ‘Generate new freezing key’ to create your own freezing key which you can use during asset creation.

Step 4:

To copy/paste your viewing and freezing keys to use during asset creation, and to export your private keys, hover your mouse to the right side of the column to reveal the ‘Learn more’ button.

Step 5:

In the pop-up you can proceed to copy your viewing or freezing keys to use in asset creation.

Step 6:

If you need to export your private key for any reason, you can do so by clicking on ‘Show private keys’ and entering your password. Proceed with caution, because losing your private spending key will let other people gain access to your assets, while losing your private viewing or freezing keys will let other people view and freeze the assets you have created with policies using those keys.

This version of the CAPE web interface does not support using view keys and freezing keys to see transaction details and freeze assets. This can be done using the command line interface, but cannot be done in this UI.

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